Who We Are

We're 2PR Chicks LLC.  After too many decades toiling at communications
agencies - mostly churning out press releases but occasionally being allowed to
follow our instincts and do something brilliant - we decided to strike out on our
own and change the world.  That's right.  Change the world.  If you doubt we can
do it, please feel free to keep on clicking through.  But if you are intrigued, then
maybe you should join us on our journey.

We have a passion for the spoken and written word, and we believe that there is
nothing that well-placed creative communications can't achieve.  In our careers,
we've kinda been like the MacGyvers of the public relations industry, producing
miracle solutions out of an incongruous collection of ideas, household items,
perseverance and raw talent.  We took lots of good advice along the way and made
life-long friends.  As a result, we've been extraordinarily successful without
sacrificing our values or social lives.

We don't have clients.  We have partners, and our goals are their goals.  We aren't
in this business to get super-rich, but we rejoice when we can do that for our
partners.  Together, we are changing lives, changing opinions and, yes, in our
own way, changing the world.

Please join us!
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