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Patrick Bet-David – CEO, successful entrepreneur, former KKLA radio host and
author of the best-selling book, "Doing the Impossible: The 25 Laws for Doing the

Patrick Bet-David is a genuine "rags to riches" success story.   Patrick came with his
family to the U.S. from revolutionary Iran at 12 and subsequently served in the U.S.
Army’s prestigious 101st Airborne Division.  After his honorable discharge from the
Army, Patrick got involved in the financial services industry and in 2009 created
People Helping People (PHP) to share sound financial education and advice with
students, families and small businesses.   Within two years PHP grew to more than
5,500 associates in 33 states, doubling in size year after year.   It is from this
perspective, as someone who’s overcome tremendous challenges and as the founder
of the fastest growing financial services company in America, that Patrick offers
the wisdom of Doing the Impossible.  Hard questions, tough answers, right choices --
Patrick Bet-David has them.

PHP is giving the world of life insurance and investment products a much-needed
makeover.   He has re-imagined the insurance industry by starting with the notion
that Americans first need to be educated on financial basics, such as getting out of
debt and planning for retirement.   Through a word-of-mouth business model, PHP
then presents both an investment and business opportunity, giving anyone who has
the drive and commitment a chance at financial independence.

It’s not every day a man talks about Saving America.  Patrick has not only made that
his business mantra, but he also talks about it every week on a Los Angeles radio
show, which focuses on his principles of free enterprise and entrepreneurship.   
People wanting to learn more can follow Patrick on Facebook and Twitter, and also
subscribe to his blog , which also features frequent PHP-TV video segments.

Media personality Glenn Beck recently said PHP is “more like a movement” than a
traditional business. And to Patrick, his crusade is just beginning. He is confident
that thousands of Americans will eventually come to know and thrive because of
PHP, and America will be stronger for it.  It may have all started with a passion, but
for Patrick, it’s also the least he could do to repay America for all it has done for him
and his family.