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An art collection requires the same strategic planning as other financial
assets and, with the help of skilled advice, can become an effective
working asset for individual investors.  Many individual investors are art
lovers, own collections, or actively buy and sell in the art market.  They
require someone who shares their passion for art and understands and
appreciates the significance and pleasure of investing in art and
collectibles of high value.

The New York Series by Judith Gwyn Brown is the triumphant culmination
and deep appreciation of the city in its many guises - ten framed oil on
canvas paintings that tell the stories of New York in an unparalleled and
personal way.  Investors who choose to support this work are encouraged
to purchase the series (rather than individual paintings), with the intention of
displaying them in a permanent collection for public viewing and enjoyment.

For more information, please contact Maryellen Nugent Lee,
(917) 825-0557 or


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"The New York Series"
j  u  d  i  t  h     g  w  y  n     b  r  o  w  n
Judith Gwyn Brown paints men and women moving through the light, space and shadows of New  York.

These figures may come together by a fountain in the park, or watch each other across the distance of a theater as a play is in progress.  
They walk down the long perspectives of a museum gallery; we follow them by the river front as they lean against a railing looking out
toward the city sky line across the sun bright water.  And we secretly observe them in a restaurant, their whispered conversations
reflected to infinity in a double mirror.

These scenes represent the emotional intensity of intimacy in the city, yet the atmosphere is created by paint: thin glazes flowing and
transparent are set off by smoky shadows, some rough and grainy, brushed across the canvas, contrasted by the thick high brilliance of